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Gorgeous hair extensions in Sheffield

Whether you need extensions for all your hair or half of it, our stylists at County Hair Fashions will make sure you get the extensions that complement your natural hair.

Pamper your hair with expert styling and advice

Do you dream of long hair but don’t have the patience to let it grow? You can get instant long locks with our hair extensions. Our experienced hairdressers will happily offer you their expert advice and we can arrange an initial consultation to get what is right for you. As professional hairdressers with years of experience, we know how to work with any hair type to give you a perfect style. Looking after your hair extensions is easy, at County Hair Fashions, we provide you with all the information to ensure long-lasting optimum results.

An extensive range of styles

Whatever style you would like to add to your hair, our expert hairdressers can provide you with excellent results. You can choose from styles such as:

  • All natural look
  • Classic shades
  • Fashion shades
  • Strong and durable extensions
  • Fast track extensions

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  • Get the perfect looking hairstyle

    Pamper your hair with our range of salon services. From haircuts and braids to hair products and hair colour, we will give you everything you need to make your hair look great.

    If you want to sport a long-haired look for a party or for your big day, hair extensions are the perfect solution for you. Our hairdressers will fashion your dream look for you quickly. You can also try our Afro hairstyles, or if you prefer, you can visit us for a private hairdressing appointment at our salon on Wednesdays.

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